Our Mission

To Carry On The Legacy Of Enzo Perfetto Sr.

By Helping Others Thru The Construction Industry.

Handyman And A Hammer For Our Troops And First Responders

To help out in a small way by swinging a hammer and donating our labor to the servicemen and women, police, firefighters and first responders.  Thru the volunteering of our labor and donations of building material, our goal is to make homes of the ones who keep us safe at night a bit more comfortable by helping out with repairs or special accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, disability modifications, etc.

Homeless, Temporary Housing and Emergency Shelter

Housing has been the foundation of Enzoco  for over 30 years. With a father, grandfather and great-grandfather,  four generations of home builders let us realize everyone is entitled to housing and shelter.  The Enzoco Foundation is always looking for opportunities to help the less fortunate with their housing needs.

Enzo Perfetto Sr. Educational And Scholarship Fund

The late Enzo Perfetto Sr. was the epitome of success through hard work and persistence.  Coming to America from Italy with minimal formal education, very little money and not knowing the language,  Enzo became a leader in the home building industry.  Enzo's success should be an inspiration to our youth.  Our mission is to spread the word to the younger generation, especially our disenfranchised youth, that there is not only a need but a very lucrative future in the trades and construction industry. Through scholarships, volunteering and mentoring, the legacy of Enzo Perfetto Sr. will carry on.

Our pledge is to allocate 100% of all donations directly to the recipients. No administrative fees or payroll will go towards the Enzoco Foundation.