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Edward Paul Mills  Division  25 infantry Rank PFC  Stationed  Breckenridge Kentucky,  Korea

Thank you so much for installing our cabinets! Your kindness will be appreciated by our staff and students for many years to come. I invite you come back to the school next month when our new program is fully operational to see your great work.

Thanks again,

Jay Bishop
West Geauga High School

YMCA 2015 Dream Home Builder

YMCA 2013 Dream Home Builder

2018 Westlake High School Technology & Engineering Student Model Home Contest



Judging – Friday, January 18, 2019

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center 

"The Great Multi-Unit Townhouse" 


Enzoco Foundation was honored to donate the renovation, decorating and furnishing of the “Victims Crime Room” at The Cleveland Homicide Department.  A special thanks to Grace Leon, Sgt. Teresa Gomez, Lieutenant Ali Pillow, Sgt. Aaron Reese, Blue Line Unlimited and the Cleveland Police Department as well as all our First Responders.

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Geauga County

Bronze Star Veteran

Receives Extreme Bathroom Makeover

We met Enzo and his foundation, “The Enzoco Foundation”, which helps Veterans in need with home repairs, through the VA in Geauga County, as my husband Jim is a Viet Nam veteran. We were talking about my husband as he needed a walk-in shower due to his health. Randy from VA Geauga said there was a builder in our area who wants to help veterans and if it was ok for him to call us. Enzo called and came out to see if there was a way, he could install a shower. He took pics of the existing bath and returned a day or so later. He was able to help us to our amazement. I wasn't sure anything could be done. He demolished our bathroom and part of a closet in the bedroom to give my husband a shower. They thought out everything and we were amazed by the results. They explained day to day what the next step was and who was coming out and their time. I, as a woman, did not know what to expect with the demolition. Enzo said just sit and relax and we will take care of everything. After the first few hours, we were amazed at how they covered floors, put plastic here and there to keep dust to the minimum. The whole process was really worry free. They did exactly as they said with design, installation, respect, and courtesy in our home. The workers were trustworthy, considerate and pleasant. No one minded that my husband asked many questions and sometimes they explained over and over due to his memory. We have a new and BEAUTIFUL bathroom for my husband’s safety. The work ethics are superior. We were surprised how clean they kept the areas and the progress was quick. We highly recommend Enzo and Joe to work for you as they did for US.

Enzo and Joe are the nicest guys. They went above and beyond and to this day I get messages from Enzo if we need anything during this Coronavirus and sheltering in place. We cannot say enough about these two brothers. We miss seeing them and hope summer comes soon so we can get together. Our heartfelt thanks and our love and respect for them is in our hearts forever!!!! Thank you Enzo and Joe and all your workers.

My nick name is Jim. I was drafted to The United States Army March of 1968. I did my basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I then went to Fort Polk, Louisiana where I was placed in the infantry. I then went to Fort Hood and was trained in a mechanized division. After one year of marriage I was deployed to Viet Nam in the 5th Battalion Mechanized Division in December of 1969. When I arrived in Quang Tri Viet Nam, I was assigned to be a gunner in a mechanized tank division in tank #13. it's 3 & 13 were always lucky numbers for me and I prayed this time the luck would continue. I stayed at Quang Tri for 9 months and then my battalion was moved a little closer to the DMZ at Dong Ha. I basically spent my year in country in the jungle at the DMZ. Yes, I did get injured but in my case,  it was not life threatening. I lost many brothers during this time and did receive a Bronze Star. I have so many memories that I want to forget but at times can't. I love my country and would do it again, however, I was luckier than most I came home to my wife and family. I do suffer from Agent Orange related disabilities, but I often think of those that were lost and their families. We pay a high price for FREEDOM. I live in Newbury with my wife of 53 years and our fantastic two adult children, a daughter and a son. I am blessed!

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Jim #2.JPG
Jim #3.JPG
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This evening, Blue Line Unlimited had the opportunity to present Sheriff Scott A. Hildenbrand and the Geauga County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Scott A. Hildenbrand K9 Unit with a check for $10,000.00 as a result of the Prime Time for K9’s raffle. Collectively, we raised $5,300 from supporters within our community and rounded the donation up to assist with the purchase of a new K9 for the agency.
We’d like to give a special shout-out to the Perfetto Family and the Enzoco Foundation for their generous support to the cause by making a $1,000 donation to this campaign.
To all of our donors, thank you for your support! This solidifies our belief that together, we can make a difference.
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